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The H550Xd1 horizontal machining center with a BT30 spindle provides high productivity and excellent environmental performance.

H550Xd1 Product introduction

H550Xd1 Seminar video

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1.Outline and Concept

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2.Performance and Features(10min12s)

Features of Horizontal Machining Center

Highly productive horizontal machining center enables
machining of large/long workpieces

Highly productive horizontal machining center using a BT30 spindle and is equipped with ample jig area, 30-tool magazine, and high-speed B-axis table
This enables machining of large or long workpieces that was not possible on conventional BT30 machines.

Jig area

Ample jig area of ø600 x 580 mm has been achieved. *1
Can be expanded to ø800 mm by moving the tool to a safe position, etc. *2
This enables a large or long workpiece to be mounted.

*1. Interference area is created depending on the tool length or tool diameter.
*2. The tool must be moved to a safe position when the B-axis rotates or the tool length is restricted.

Space saving

Machine dimensions are 1,557 mm in width and 2,990 mm in depth, achieving reduction in space while maintaining ample jig and machining areas.

*3. Dimension including coolant tank
*4. Compared to BT40 horizontal MC with equivalent travels

Installation space

4.7 m2 *3

B-axis table

The B-axis table with a roller gear cam mechanism is standard-provided, achieving a fast rotary speed of 100 min-1.
The table size is 400 x 400 mm, and the maximum loading capacity is 300 kg. This enables handling of a heavy workpiece or jig while maintaining high-speed performance.

B-axis rotary speed


Loading capacity

Max. 300kg

30-tool magazine

Equipped with the newly developed direct ATC type 30-tool magazine.
Supports maximum tool length of 250 mm, maximum tool diameter of 125 mm, and maximum tool weight of 4 kg, enabling a variety of machining, including long workpieces.

B-axis rotary speed


Max. tool length  250mm
Max. tool diameter  125mm*5
Max. tool weight  4kg

*5. When attaching an adjacent tool, the total diameter of a tool and its adjacent tool must be less than 130 mm.


Untiring pursuit of high productivity by achieving faster and
optimized operation through machine/controller integrated development

Overwhelming high productivity has been achieved by utilizing advantages of machine/controller integrated development,
such as fast acceleration/deceleration spindle, faster and optimized tool change operation, and inertia estimation function.

Fast acceleration/deceleration spindle

Using a low inertia spindle and high acceleration/deceleration spindle motor has achieved faster spindle start/stop.

Spindle start/stop time

0.15s or less *1

*1. Value of high-torque spec.

High-speed tool change

By utilizing the advantages of machine/controller integrated development, high-speed tool change has been achieved by fast acceleration/deceleration and optimized operation.

Tool change time

Tool - Tool: 1.1s
Chip - Chip: 2.4s

High-speed tool change

A roller gear cam mechanism is used for the B-axis table to achieve both durability and high-speed performance. A maximum rotary speed of 100 min-1 enables high-speed indexing.
Wasted time is further reduced by simultaneously performing tool change and B-axis indexing.
In addition, machining can be performed only by the holding torque with motor without using the clamp mechanism depending on the machining load.

B-axis table indexing time *2

0→90° 1.0s
0→180° 1.1s

*2 Value in standard inertia mode

B-axis table inertia estimation function

Provided with an inertia estimation function that estimates the inertia of a jig mounted on the B-axis table. This optimally controls acceleration according to the level of inertia, leading to the improvement of productivity. *3

*3. Parameter setting needs to be changed.

Machining Capability

High machining capabilities achieved by highly efficient spindle motor and optimal machine design

The machine is equipped with a highly efficient high-power spindle motor, including a newly developed 12,000 min-1 standard spindle motor, and newly developed highly rigid spindle.
CAE analysis technologies accumulated through the development of the SPEEDIO series have achieved both high speed and high rigidity of the machine.
The machine demonstrates high machining capabilities as it supports a 7MPa high-pressure coolant system and is equipped with a B-axis table with high clamp torque.

Highly efficient spindle motor

The machine is equipped with a highly efficient spindle motor with a newly developed 12,000 min-1 spec. (standard) or 10,000 min-1 high-torque (max. 92 N·m) spec. (optional). As the spindle can provide high torque in the medium- and high-speed range, the machine demonstrates its full capabilities at high-speed with highly efficient machining of aluminum or steel.


Max. torque 40N・m
Max. output 18.9kW

10,000min-1 high-torque (optional)

Max. torque 92N・m
Max. output 26.2kW

Optimal machine design and highly rigid spindle

Both high speed and high rigidity of the machine has been achieved by optimizing the cast shape utilizing CAE analyses. A newly developed spindle provides higher clamp force than that for previous SPEEDIO models. In addition, the high-torque spindle features the SPEEDIO’s largest bearing diameter. With these improvements, the machine demonstrates high machining capabilities from highly efficient machining to heavy-duty machining.


Equipped with new “CNC-D00” controller for improved usability
Enhanced ease of setup and workpiece change

Intuitive operation is possible with new apps and 15-inch vertical LCD touch panel display.
Waste-free operation is possible in setup, machining adjustment, production, and recovery process, leading to improved work efficiency and operating rate.
Operability has been enhanced by locating the operation panel on the side of the machine.

Home screen

Information required for production, such as workpiece counter and tool life, is collected on the home screen. Shortcut keys are provided for screens frequently used so you can open them by one touch.

New user interface

Usability has been greatly improved by grouping relevant functions, creating new support apps that are intuitive with improved operability and visibility, providing useful accessories (calculator, notebook, file viewer etc.), and making operation on conventional screens possible on the touch panel.

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