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CNC-D00 * CNC-D00 is installed in Xd1 model.

  • CNC-D00

Intuitive operation is possible with new support apps and vertical touch panel screen.

Wins "iF DESIGN AWARD 2021"[New indow] (Link to "iF Design" site)

CNC-D00 information

CNC-D00 information

Features of CNC-D00

Home screen

Data necessary for mass production is integrated as one.

Created a new home screen that serves as the start point of all operations. Data necessary for mass production is unified. Screens can be customized to be more user friendly.

Support apps

Easy-to use apps with no complicated operation

Created new support apps with improved operability and visibility, such as an ATC tool app that enables all tool settings to be performed on one screen and a production result app that visualizes production results and operation state. Customers using the SPEEDIO for the first time do not have to learn complicated operations.

Conventional screens

Familiar conventional operation possible

Screens succeeding the configuration of the former model are available. Even those familiar with the former model can use the new controller in the same way without learning new operation methods. Touch operation is also possible to suit all levels of onsite operators from new to experienced.

Four-support package solves problems at production sites

Setup Support

Efficient setup possible before machining Reduction
in cumbersome setup procedure

  • ATC tool app
  • Tool life app
  • Menu programming
  • QWERTY on-screen keyboard
  • Running multiple blocks in MDI operation
  • Expanded memory capacity
  • Help key
  • Memo pad / Calculator / File viewer

SPEEDIO Setup Tools

Adjustment Support

Reliable settings possible even by those with less experience
Stable machining accuracy achieved by adjustment functions

  • Machining parameter adjustment app
  • Machining mode setting
  • Waveform display app
  • Automatic heat expansion compensation
  • Estimating loading weight
  • Graphic display
  • Tool length range setting

SPEEDIO Adjust Tools

Production Support

SPEEDIO applicable to all types of production
Production efficiency maximized to meet onsite needs

  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Machining load monitoring
  • Power consumption app
  • ATC monitoring
  • Production result app
  • Micro-segment processing capacity
  • Enhanced network function

SPEEDIO Production Tools

Recovery Support

Preventive maintenance prepared for possible future problems
Reduction in downtime through reliable control

  • Recovery support app
  • Storing program alarm position
  • Automatic backup
  • Alarm log
  • Overload prediction
  • Maintenance notice
  • Motor insulation resistance measurement
  • Operation log

SPEEDIO Recovery Tools


NC functions

Operation Dry run
Machine lock
Rapid traverse override
Cutting feed override
Background editing
Screen shot
Operation level
External input signal key

Spindle override
Programming Absolute / incremental
Inch / metric
Coordinate system setting
Corner C / Corner R
Rotational transformation
Synchronized tap
Graphic display
Measurement Automatic workpiece measurement *1
Tool length measurement
High speed and high accuracy Machining parameter adjustment
High-accuracy mode A III
High-accuracy mode B I (look-ahead 160blocks)
Backlash compensation

  High-accuracy mode B II, look-ahead 1,000blocks,
  with smooth path offset
Monitoring Machining load monitoring
ATC monitoring
Overload prediction
Waveform display / waveform output to memory card
Heat expansion compensation system II (X,Y,Z axes)
Production performance
Tool life / Spare tool
Maintenance Tap return function
Status log
Alarm log
Operation log
Motor insulation resistance measurement
Tool washing filter with filter clogging detection
Automation / Network Computer remote
Auto notification
Built-in PLC

  CC-link, master station
  CC-link, remote device station
  PROFIBUS DP, slave
  DeviceNet, slave
  PROFINET, slave
  EtherNet/IP, slave
Energy saving Automatic power off
Servomotor off standby mode
Automatic coolant off
Automatic work light off
Chip shower off delay
Support Apps Machining parameter adjustment
ATC tool
Tool life
Waveform display
Production performance
Power consumption
Recovery support
Accessories File viewer
Memo pad
Shortcut registration
Display OFF
NC language mode only Menu programming
Local coordinate system
Expanded workpiece coordinate system
One-way positioning
Inverse time feed
Programmable data input
Tool length compensation
Cutter compensation
Mirror image
External sub program call
Operation in tape mode
Multiple skip function
  Submicron command *2
  Interrupt type macro
  Rotary fixture offset
  Feature coordinate setting function *3
  Involute interpolation
Conversation language mode only Operation program
Schedule program
Automatic tool selection
Automatic cutting condition setting
Automatic tool length compensation setting
Automatic cutter compensation setting
Automatic calculation of unknown number input
Machining order control
  • *1: Measuring instrument needs to be prepared by users.
  • *2: When the submicron command is used, changing to the conversation program is disabled.
  • *3: There are restrictions on the models that can be equipped.

NC unit specifications

CNC model CNC-D00
Control axes 5 axes (X,Y,Z, two additional axes)
Simultaneously controlled axes Positioning 5 axes (X,Y,Z, two additional axes)
Interpolation ・Linear : 4 axes (X,Y,Z one additional axis)
・Circular : 2 axes
・Helical/conical : 3 axes (X,Y,Z)
Least input increment 0.001mm、0.0001inch、0.001°
Max.programmable dimension ±999999.999mm ±99999.9999inch
Display 15-inch color LCD touch display
Memory capacity 500 Mbytes (Total capacity of program and data bank)
External communication USB memory interface, Ethernet, RS232C (optional)
No.of registrable programs 4,000 (Total capacity of program and data bank)
Program format NC language, conversation (changed by parameter),
conversation from conversation program to NC language program available
  • * Number of "control axes" and/or "simultaneously controlled axes" are the maximum number of axes,
    which will differ depending on the destination country and the machine specifications.
  • * Ethernet is a trademark or registered trademark of XEROX in the United States.

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