Queste macchine multi-uso compatte, dotate di assi di rotazione e di inclinazione, consentono di eseguire i processi di tornitura e lavorazione con un singolo montaggio. Raggiungono inoltre la massima produttività mai riscontrata nel campo della lavorazione complessa.

Product points

Effects of Mass Production Type Complex Machining
  • Workpieces previously machined using a turning center and a machining center can now be machined on one machine with machining processes integrated.
Machine Structure that Achieves Complex Machining
  • Machining capabilities and accuracy have been improved by increasing the rigidity of the tilt axis and turning spindle, and improving the balance of rigidity over the previous model.
  • Fastacceleration / deceleration spindle
  • High-speed tool change
  • High-speed synchronized tapping
  • Simultaneous operation
Machining Capabilities
  • Milling capabilities
  • Turning capabilities


item M140X2
Max. spindle speed 10,000min-1
16,000min-1 (Optional)
Max. turning spindle speed 2,000min-1
Travels X:200mm Y:440mm Z:305mm
A:120~-30deg. C:360deg.
Tool storage capacity 22pcs.
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 50m/min ×50m/min ×50m/min
Indexing feedrate(AC-area) A:60min-1  C:200min-1
Required floor space
BT dual contact spindle(BIG-PLUS) Optional
Coolant Through Spindle(CTS) Optional

Video sul prodotto

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M140X2 Machining example (Aluminium)

Machining example

For machining industries in Automotive parts, Motor cycle parts, Information Technology parts.

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