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"Machining larger workpieces using #30 machine" The release of the W1000Xd1 machining center sees an override in the conventional machining areas of #30 machines.
Equipped with new NC controller

Product points

NC Controller

Equipped with new "CNC-D00 controller"
Enhanced usability with 15-inch LCD touch panel

Machining Area

Wide machiing area to accommodate a variety of machining, such as large workpiece machining and multi-part machining.


Further improves productivity with optimal operation control achieved through machine/controller integrated development.

Machining capability

Demonstrates a broad range of machining capabilities, from high-speed, highly efficient machining to heavy-duty machining.


item W1000Xd1
Max. spindle speed 10,000min-1
10,000min-1 high-torque(Optional)
16,000min-1 (Optional)
Travels X:1,000mm Y:500mm Z:300mm
Tool storage capacity 14pcs./21pcs.
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 50m/min × 50m/min × 56m/min
Required floor space 2,410mm × 2,443mm
BT dual contact spindle (BIG-PLUS) Optional
Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) Optional

Product movie

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W1000Xd1 Inverter Case

Machining example

For machining industries in Automotive parts, Motor cycle parts, Information Technology parts.

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