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The compact multi-tasking machines, equipped with turning and tilt axes, enable turning and machining processes through one-time chucking. It also achieves high productivity, cultivated up to now, in the complex machining field.

Effects of Mass Production Type Complex Machining

Process integration in one machine

Workpieces previously machined using a turning center and a machining center can now be machined on one machine with machining processes integrated. This reduces handling time between machines.

Machine Structure that Achieves Complex Machining

Machining capabilities and accuracy have been improved by increasing the rigidity of the tilt axis and turning spindle, and improving the balance of rigidity over the previous model. A double plunger lock, with a reputation for stable machining, is used to secure the turning tool.

Tilt axis (A-axis)

A roller gear is used for the tilt axis (A-axis). This backlashless gear achieves high-accuracy machining and the clampless structure enables high-speed indexing.

Turning spindle (C-axis)

A high-speed and high-output built-in DD motor is used for the turning spindle (C-axis). The turning spindle is applied in three modes: indexing table, turning and cutting feed.

Double plunger lock

An original double plunger lock is used to achieve excellent tool change repeatability and high machining capabilities when turning tools are attached.


Fast acceleration / deceleration spindle

Using a fast acceleration / deceleration spindle motor and highly-responsive servo control achieves quicker starting and stopping of the spindle and turning spindle.

Start / stop time

Spindle : 0.2s
Turning spindle : 0.3s

High-speed tool change

Using a compact 22-tool magazine with excellent weight balance and optimal control achieves high-speed tool change, with any wasted operation eliminated.

Chip-Chip : 1.4s
Tool-Tool : 0.9s

High-speed synchronized tapping

Original synchronized tapping control enables high-accuracy tapping at the fastest level in the world.

Peripheral speed : 377m/min

*: M20, spindle speed 6,000min-1

Simultaneous operation

Wasted time is further reduced by positioning the X/Y/Z axes and A/C axes simultaneously with tool changes.

Reduction in non-cutting time

Machining Capabilities

Milling capabilities

As the spindle can provide high torque even in the medium- and high-speed range, the machine fully demonstrates its capabilities in high-speed, high-efficiency machining of aluminum or steel.

ax. torque : 40Nm
Max. output : 18.9kW

Turning capabilities

High-efficiency machining is achieved by the high-output turning spindle with a maximum speed of 2,000 min-1, and the turning tool secured by the double plunger lock.

Max. torque : 55Nm
Max. output : 8.7kW

Environmental Performance and NC Unit

Environmental performance

Various energy saving functions, such as Power regeneration system, Energy saving pump, LED type work light and Highly efficient spindle motor reduce power consumption, achieving high environmental performance.

NC unit

The machine is equipped with our original NC unit created through machine/controller integrated development. Usability has been further improved by expanding operation and maintenance functions and enhancing the system capacity.

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