R650X2 40 tool magazine

Equipped with SPEEDIO's Largest Tool Magazine!
Large Jig Mountable Pallet Changer Machine

Product points

Equipped with 40 tool magazine

New 40-tool magazine model introduced to product lineup in addition to 14- and 22-tool magazine models. Making use of the 2-face pallet changer, process integration has been improved to increase productivity.

Separation of machining room and magazine

To prevent chips entering the magazine, a shutter has been installed to the tool pot to separate the machining room and the tool magazine.

Max. tool weight and Max. tool length

Max. tool weight: 4kg
Max. tool length: 250mm

In addition to the 40-tool magazine, the maximum tool weight and maximum tool length have increased, enabling a broader range of tool selection.

Enough jig area to mount a large jig

Work area : 800mm×400mm(one face)
Loading capacity : 200kg (max. 300 kg) (one face)
Jig height : 350mm(low table: 420 mm)
Turning diameter : 1,250mm(max. 1,300 mm)


item R650X2
Max. spindle speed 10,000min-1
10,000min-1 high-torque(Optional)
Travels X:650mm Y:400mm Z:435mm
Tool storage capacity 40pcs.
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 50m/min × 50m/min × 50m/min
Required floor space 2,145mm × 3,248mm
BT dual contact spindle (BIG-PLUS) Optional
Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) Optional
Low-floor table Optional

Product movie

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R650X2 40Tools Machining example

Machining example

For machining industries in Automotive parts, Motor cycle parts.

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