M140X2 Example

  • M140X2
  • M140X2
  • M140X2
  • M140X2

The compact multi-tasking machines, equipped with turning and tilt axes, enable turning and machining processes through one-time chucking. It also achieves high productivity, cultivated up to now, in the complex machining field.

For machining industries in Automotive and Motor cycle parts

Workpiece name Alternator
Workpiece name Turbocharger
Vacuum pump
Workpiece name Vacuum pump
Steering pump
Workpiece name Steering pump
Oil pump
Workpiece name Oil pump
Motorcycle hub
Workpiece name Motorcycle hub

For machining industries in precision machinery and optical parts

Manifold (precision machinery parts)
Workpiece name Manifold (precision machinery parts)
Camera lens tube (optical parts)
Workpiece name Camera lens tube (optical parts)

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