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Rotary Table T-200A / T200Ad

Rotary Table T-200A / T200Ad High accuracy, High productivity, Extended service life.

Rotary Table T-200A / T200Ad

Features of Rotary Table T-200A / T200Ad

Roller Gear Cam Mechanism

High accuracy
High-accuracy machining achieved by mechanism with no backlash.

High productivity
Achieved by the maximum speed of 100 min-1.

Extended service life
Permanent high accuracy with very little deterioration over time.

Features of Rotary Table T-200A / T200Ad

Roller Gear Cam Mechanism

By preloading the input and output shafts beforehand, the four cam followers can be always kept in contact with the cam surface, which eliminates backlash and provides high rigidity. In addition, the cam followers that rotate can transmit the motor torque efficiently, and therefore, they can rotate at low torque and be used for a long term, without wear and adjustment.

Roller Gear Cam Mechanism

High Productivity

Combining the roller gear cam with the proper motor provides high acceleration and high rotation speed. In addition, machining can be performed only by the holding torque with motor without using the clamp mechanism depending on the machining load.

Max. speed : 100min-1

( 0→180 degree Indexing time )
Clamp mode : 1.05 sec.
Unclamp mode : 0.45 sec.

High Accuracy

Backlash can be eliminated with preloading the cam followers. Even machining with the turning direction in reverse will not adversely affect the machining surface.

Indexing accuracy : 10 sec. or less
Repeatability : 4 sec. or less

Support table

A support table necessary for use with a Trunnion jig is available.

Clamp torque

  • *: When support table with clamp is selected.
Support table

Rotary joint for rotary table

The rotary table has a built-in rotary joint to prevent ejection.

6 Ports: Hydraulic / Pneumatic (With center-through port)

  • *: Please consult us separately when using a rotary joint for the support table.
Rotary joint for rotary table


Type Right-handed, Left-handed*1
Through hole diameter 70H7mm /2.8H7inch
Center height 170mm /6.7inch
Gear ratio 1/20
Maximum speed 100min‒1 (50min‒1*2)
Bi-directional positioning accuracy (ISO230-2 compliant) 20s or less
Bi-directional positioning repeatability (ISO230-2 compliant) 10s or less
Indexing accuracy*3 10s or less
Repeatability*3 4s or less
Maximum loading capacity 100kg /220lbs (200kg / 440lbs *4)
Allowable work inertia 1.0kg・m2 /23.7lbs・ft2 (4.0kg・m2 /94.8lbs・ft2 *2)
Allowable unbalanced load 5.0kg・m /36.2ft・lbs
Clamp method Pneumatic
Clamp torque 280N・m /207ft・lbs (at 0.5Mpa)
Maximum holding torque *5 720N・m /531ft・lbs (at 0.5MPa)
Product weight 61kg /134lbs
Applicable models S300X2 (X1) / S500X2 (X1) / S700X2 (X1) / S1000X1 / W1000Xd1 *6 / R450X2 (X1) / R650X2 (X1) / F600X1
  • *1: Only right-handed type available for R450X2(X1) and R650X2(X1).
  • *2: When high inertia mode (enabled by changing parameter setting) is used.
  • *3: Based on Brother measurement standard.
  • *4: When support table is used.
  • *5: Obtainted by the clamp torque plus the motor’s holding torque.
  • *6: T-200Ad is available for W1000Xd1.

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