W1000Xd2 Example

  • W1000Xd2
  • W1000Xd2
  • W1000Xd2
  • W1000Xd2

Mounting a new 28-tool magazine promotes process integration for machining large workpieces.
With maximum table loading capacity increased to 500 kg and increased Z-axis travel, the machine is widely suitable for a variety of production systems.



Battery control box
Workpiece name Battery control box
Material Aluminum alloy
Instrument panel
Workpiece name Instrument panel
Material Aluminum alloy
EV frame
Workpiece name EV frame
Material Aluminum alloy


Shower plate
Workpiece name Shower plate
Material Aluminum alloy

Molds, others

Frame parts
Workpiece name Frame parts
Material Aluminum alloy
Mold parts
Workpiece name Mold parts
Material Alloy tool steel

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