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Mounting a new 28-tool magazine promotes process integration for machining large workpieces.
With maximum table loading capacity increased to 500 kg and increased Z-axis travel, the machine is widely suitable for a variety of production systems.

W1000Xd2 Product introduction

W1000Xd2 Seminar video

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1.Description of Wide Travel Compact Machining Center

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Machining Area

28-tool magazine, max. loading capacity of 500 kg, and increased Z-axis travel
Further improves applicability from large workpiece machining to multi-product small-volume production

The wide machining area can accommodate constantly varying onsite needs, such as large workpiece machining, multi-part machining of small parts, and multi-product small-volume production with various jigs placed side by side, which enhances flexibility throughout the plant.

Increased Z-axis travel

The Z-axis travel and the distance between the table top and spindle nose end have been increased to secure ample machining area in the Z direction and improve tool accessibility.

  • Z-axis travel

  • 380mm

Distance between table top and spindle nose end
  • 180mm~480mm
  • 150mm~530mm

Increased table loading capacity

The maximum table loading capacity has been increased to 500 kg. This expands choices of jigs and enables process integration or flexible jig design.

Max. loading capacity 500kg *

*Parameter setting needs to be changed.

Large trunnion jig can be mounted

High column 150, 250, and 350 mm are available to meet different needs. Mounting a trunnion jig with a turning diameter of 540 mm enables multi-face machining of large parts.

28-tool magazine available

High column 150, 250, and 350 mm are available to meet different needs. Mounting a trunnion jig with a turning diameter of 540 mm enables multi-face machining of large parts.

Max. tool weight 4kg


Untiring pursuit of high productivity
Reduction in waste by optimized control through machine/controller integrated development

Lightweight and low inertia features of BT30 machines and the original NC controller drive the machine performance to the fullest to provide high productivity.

Non-stop ATC

High-speed tool change has been achieved by faster and optimized spindle start/stop, Z-axis up/down, and magazine operation. Tools up to 3 kg can be changed in the shortest time. Tools up to 4 kg can also be changed with minimal increase in time.

14/21-tool magazine (Standard tools) Chip-Chip 1.3s / Tool-Tool 0.6s
28-tool magazine (Standard tools) Chip-Chip 1.4s / Tool-Tool 0.7s
28-tool magazine (Heavy tools) Chip-Chip 1.4s / Tool-Tool 0.8s

Simultaneous operation

Non-cutting time has been reduced by simultaneously performing tool change and positioning X/Y and additional axes.

High acceleration/deceleration spindle

Using a low inertia spindle and high acceleration/deceleration spindle motor has achieved faster spindle start/stop.

Spindle start/stop time 0.15s or less *

* High-torque specifications

Optimal X/Y axes acceleration setting

This function sets the optimal acceleration for X/Y axes according to the table loading capacity.

Machining Capability

With highly efficient spindle motor and highly rigid structure,
the machine is suitable for a broad range of machining

High rigidity has been achieved based on a special design of structural parts, including the base, column, and table, and use of a high-torque spindle motor.
The machine ensures stable machining in a broad range while demonstrating high machining capabilities.

Newly developed and highly efficient 12,000 min-1 spindle motor

The standard motor specifications have been upgraded from the previous 10,000 min-1 to a newly developed 12,000 min-1. The spindle torque is maintained in the medium- and high-speed range. This achieves further reduction in machining time when performing highly efficient machining of aluminum or steel at high speed.

High-torque spec. (optional)

Max. torque 92N・m
Max. output 26.2kW

12,000min-1 standard

Max. torque 40N・m
Max. output 18.9kW

Improved spindle rigidity

For 10,000 min-1 high-torque specifications (optional), the spindle bearing diameter has been enlarged to enhance rigidity.
The machine demonstrates its capabilities in a broad range of machining, including heavy-duty machining of steel.

Spindle bearing diameter (high-torque spec.)

Larger by 10%

7 MPa Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) (optional)

The CTS option can be selected from 3 MPa or 7 MPa. With this option, the machine can operate to its fullest potential in high-speed drilling or deep-hole drilling.


Equipped with new “CNC-D00” controller for improved usability
Enhanced accessibility to make setup easier

Intuitive operation is possible with new apps and 15-inch vertical LCD touch panel display.
Waste-free operation is possible in setup, machining adjustment, production, and recovery process, leading to improved work efficiency and operating rate.
Accessibility to the machine has been enhanced to enable smooth setup including workpiece change.

Home screen

Information required for production, such as workpiece counter and tool life, is collected on the home screen. Shortcut keys are provided for screens frequently used so you can open them by one touch.

New user interface

Usability has been greatly improved by grouping relevant functions, creating new support apps that are intuitive with improved operability and visibility, providing useful accessories (calculator, notebook, file viewer etc.), and making operation on conventional screens possible on the touch panel.

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