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Equipped with a newly developed tilting rotary table with a maximum jig area of 500 mm in diameter.
Combination with a 28-tool magazine enables multi-face machining that breaks the conventional concept of #30 machines.

U500Xd1 Product Introduction

U500Xd1 Seminar video

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1.Product Features

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2.Target Workpieces(1min16s)

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3.Machine Structure(5min57s)

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5.NC Controller(6min20s)



EV gearbox housing
Workpiece name EV gearbox housing
Material Aluminum Alloy
EV motor case cover
Workpiece name EV motor case cover
Material Aluminum Alloy
EV inverter case
Workpiece name EV inverter case
Material Aluminum Alloy


Aircraft parts
Workpiece name Aircraft parts
Material Aluminum Alloy

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