S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1 Features

S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1
  • S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1
  • S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1
  • S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1
  • S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1

Equipped with new "CNC-D00" controller to improve productivity and usability.
Using a new 28-tool magazine increases target workpieces, leading to process integration.

S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1 Product introduction

Process Integration

New 28-tool magazine makes wider variety of machining
possible on one machine, promoting process integration

Including a newly developed 28-tool magazine, the machine features more capacity for tools and jigs, process integration such as for multi-face machining, and a wider range of target workpieces.
Together with the extensive range of specifications, the machine is suitable for a broad range of machining.

28-tool magazine

In addition to 14- and 21-tool magazines, a compact drum type 28-tool magazine has been developed with high-speed tool change performance maintained. The maximum tool weight has been improved to 4 kg*.

* The 28-tool magazine cannot be selected for the S300Xd1.

Max. tool weight 4 kg *

* Parameter setting needs to be changed.

Max. table loading capacity 400 kg

The maximum table loading capacity has been increased to 400 kg*. This expands choices of fixtures and promotes process integration.

* Parameter setting must be changed for table loading capacity 400kg. Max. table loading capacity is 300kg for the S300Xd1.

Table size (mm)

S300Xd1/S500Xd1  600 X 400
S700Xd1  800 X 400


Untiring pursuit of high productivity
Reduction in waste by optimizing control through machine/controller integrated development

Optimizing control with the new "CNC-D00" controller eliminates all possible wasted operation during machining.
Drives highly reliable machine performance to the limit to provide high productivity.

Non-stop ATC

High-speed tool change has been achieved by faster and optimized spindle start/stop, Z-axis up/down, and magazine operation. Tools up to 3 kg can be changed in the shortest time. Tools up to 4 kg can also be changed with minimal increase in time.

14/21-tool magazine
  • Chip - Chip: 1.3 s
    Tool - Tool: 0.7 s
  • 1.2 s
    0.6 s

28-tool magazine

Chip - Chip: 1.3 s
Tool - Tool: 0.7 s

Simultaneous operation

Wasted time has been reduced by simultaneously performing tool change and positioning X/Y and additional axes.

High acceleration/deceleration spindle

Using a low inertia spindle and high acceleration/deceleration spindle motor has achieved faster spindle start/stop.

* High-torque specifications

Spindle start/stop time  0.15s or less *

Machining Capability

Highly rigid machine structure and highly efficient spindle motor enable a broad range of machining

Prepared spindles applicable to machining in various industries, from automobile to semiconductor, precision parts, and IT equipment industries.
The new NC with improved processing speed achieves high speed and high accuracy performance even in three-dimensional machining.

Heavy-duty/highly-efficient machining using highly efficient spindle motor

A spindle motor with high torque in the medium- and high-speed range is used to achieve high-speed and highly efficient machining. In addition, the high-torque spec.
(optional) machine demonstrates higher torque in the medium- and high-speed range, and greatly improves torque in the low-speed range. The machine provides excellent performance in heavy-duty machining such as large-diameter drilling and tapping.

10,000 min-1 high-torque spec. (optional)

Max. torque : 92Nm
Max. output : 26.2kW

10,000 min-1 standard spec.

Max. torque : 40Nm
Max. output : 18.9kW

High-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining using high-speed spindle and high accuracy mode

In addition to the highly-responsive servo control, the servo processing speed and resolution have been greatly improved. Enhanced original three-dimensional machining control, including increased look-ahead blocks and improved surface quality by the smooth path offset function, achieves high-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining.

High-speed spindle spec. (optional) : 27,000min-1

High accuracy mode BI : Look-ahead 160 blocks
High accuracy mode BII (optional) : Look-ahead 1000 blocks

Processing speed improved fourfold

Improved capability of processing minute line segments reduces machining time.

7 MPa Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) (optional)

The CTS option can be selected from 3 MPa or 7 MPa. With this option, the machine can operate to its fullest potential in high-speed drilling or peck drilling.

Simultaneous 5-axis machining

Provided with functions required for simultaneous 5-axis machining, including tool center point control where machining is performed by changing the tool direction relative to the workpiece, look-ahead max. 1,000 blocks, and submicron command. For the new CNC-D00 controller, the CPU capacity has been greatly increased to enhance processing of minute line segments by fourfold the conventional controller. This enables high-speed processing of CAM data with small tolerance.

Artificial bone
Size: 70 x 64 x 41

NC functions related to simultaneous 5-axis machining *

Tool center point control (look-ahead 1,000 blocks),
submicron command,
Feature coordinates setting,
memory capacity (3 Gbytes)

* All these are standard on the S300Xd1-5AX / S500Xd1-5AX / S700Xd1-5AX.

NC Controller

Equipped with new “CNC-D00” controller
Enhanced usability with 15-inch LCD touch panel

Intuitive operation is possible with new apps and vertical touch panel screen. Relevant functions are grouped according to purpose, such as setup and machining, leading to efficient operation. Production and operation states are visualized, allowing faster understanding. Waste-free operation is possible in setup, machining adjustment, production, and recovery process, leading to improved work efficiency and operating rate.

Home screen

Information required for production, such as workpiece counter and tool life, is collected on the home screen. Shortcut keys are provided for screens frequently used so you can open them by one touch.

New user interface

Usability has been greatly improved by grouping relevant functions, creating new support apps that are intuitive with improved operability and visibility, providing useful accessories (calculator, notebook, file viewer etc.), and making operation on conventional screens possible on the touch panel.

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