R450Xd1 / R650Xd1 Example

R450Xd1 / R650Xd1
  • R450Xd1 / R650Xd1
  • QT Table
  • 28-tool magazine
  • 40-tool magazine

Equipped with a "QT table", Brother's original pallet changer that avoids lift-up motion,
new CNC, and tool magazine with up to 40-tool capacity to improve productivity at every production site.

R450Xd1 / R650Xd1 Product Introduction


Precision equipment

Watch/clock plate
Workpiece name Watch/clock plate
Material Brass
L-shaped bracket
Workpiece name L-shaped bracket
Material Stainless steel


Gas control valve
Workpiece name Gas control valve
Material Stainless steel
Hot-water supply valve
Workpiece name Hot-water supply valve
Material Brass


Aluminum wheel
Workpiece name Aluminum wheel
Material Aluminum alloy
ABS valve housing
Workpiece name ABS valve housing
Material Aluminum alloy
Brake caliper
Workpiece name Brake caliper
Material Cast iron

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