R450Xd1 / R650Xd1 Features

R450Xd1 / R650Xd1
  • R450Xd1 / R650Xd1
  • QT Table
  • 28-tool magazine
  • 40-tool magazine

Equipped with a "QT table", Brother's original pallet changer that avoids lift-up motion,
new CNC, and tool magazine with up to 40-tool capacity to improve productivity at every production site.

R450Xd1 / R650Xd1 Product Introduction

QT Table

QT table achieves high productivity, eliminating waste in workpiece change time

The QT table is Brother’s original high-speed 2-face pallet changer.
With a wide jig area and a high degree of reliability, the QT table enables non-stop machining to achieve high productivity.

High-speed pallet change

The QT (Quick Turn) table is a turntable type high-speed 2-face pallet changer.
Optimized acceleration/deceleration control achieves much faster pallet change.

Pallet change time
  • R450Xd1: 2.9 s
    R650Xd1: 3.4 s
  • 2.7 s
    3.1 s

Non-stop machining

Workpieces on one pallet can be changed while machining workpieces on the other pallet. Waste in workpiece change time is eliminated, enabling non-stop machining.

Large jig area

Even if the jig protrudes from the table, it can be mounted as long as it is within the pallet turning diameter. The jig area can be further expanded by selecting a low table option that increases the jig height or a turning diameter enlargement option that increases the jig space.

Max. jig height
  • R450Xd1:  350
    R650Xd1:  420
  • 380


Magazines with extensive variation
Overwhelming high productivity through machine/controller integrated development

Including a newly developed 28-tool magazine, a 40-tool magazine with a maximum storage capacity is available in response to a variety of machining needs.
Overwhelming high productivity is achieved by utilizing advantages of machine/controller integrated development, including optimized and faster simultaneous operation and tool change operation.

28-tool magazine

A new compact turret type 28-tool magazine has been developed with high-speed tool change performance maintained. This expands the range of target machining parts and promotes process integration.

40-tool magazine (R650Xd1)

In addiiton to 14/22/28-tool magazines, a 40-tool magazine is available. This promotes process integration, taking advantage of a 2-face pallet changer, and encourages producitivty improvement.

For the 40-tool magazine, the machining room is separated from the tool stocker by a shutter type door. This prevents chips entering the magazine.

Simultaneous operation

Equipped with a simultaneous operation control that simultaneously performs tool change, QT table turn, and positioning of X/Y and additional axes. This avoids any wasted pallet change time.

Machining Capability

Provides broad cutting performance from high-speed and highly efficient machining to heavy-duty machining

High rigidity based on a special design and use of a high-torque spindle motor achieves stable machining while demonstrating high machining capability.

From heavy-duty machining to high-speed and highly efficient machining

A spindle motor with high torque in the medium- and high-speed range is used to achieve high-speed and highly efficient machining. In addition, the high-torque spec. (optional) machine greatly improves torque in the low-speed range. The machine provides excellent performance in heavy-duty machining of iron.

High-torque spec. (optional)

Max. torque : 92Nm
Max. output : 26.2kW

Standard spec.

Max. torque : 40Nm
Max. output : 18.9kW

High-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining

In addition to the highly responsive servomotor, the servo processing speed and resolution have been greatly improved. Enhanced performance of original three-dimensional machining control, including a great increase in look-ahead blocks and improved surface quality by the smooth path offset function, achieves high-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining.

Simple setting for high accuracy mode
Machining accuracy/surface quality parameters can be adjusted by simple operation. This helps achieve high-quality machining easily.

High accuracy mode BI : Look-ahead 160 blocks
High accuracy mode BII (optional) : Look-ahead 1000 blocks

7 MPa Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) (optional)

The CTS option can be selected from 3 MPa or 7 MPa. With this option, the machine can operate to its fullest potential in high-speed drilling or peck drilling.

NC Controller

Equipped with new “CNC-D00” controller
Enhanced usability with 15-inch LCD touch panel

Intuitive operation is possible with new apps and vertical touch panel screen. Relevant functions are grouped according to purpose, such as setup and machining, leading to efficient operation. Production and operation states are visualized, allowing faster understanding. Waste-free operation is possible in setup, machining adjustment, production, and recovery process, leading to improved work efficiency and operating rate.

Home screen

Information required for production, such as workpiece counter and tool life, is collected on the home screen. Shortcut keys are provided for screens frequently used so you can open them by one touch.

New user interface

Usability has been greatly improved by grouping relevant functions, creating new support apps that are intuitive with improved operability and visibility, providing useful accessories (calculator, notebook, file viewer etc.), and making operation on conventional screens possible on the touch panel.

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