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A pallet changer is standardly equipped for
This model of SPEEDIO series that achieve overwhelming productivity.
Quest for "Wasted Time = Zero"

Brother’s original "QT table" pallet changer

Non-stop machining

The QT(Quick Turn) table is Brother’s original turn table type high-speed 2-face pallet changer. High-speed pallet change is enabled by avoiding lift-up operation while achieving high reliability through a sealed structure. Workpieces on one pallet can be changed while machining workpieces on the other pallet. Therefore, waste in workpiece change time is eliminated, enabling nonstop machining.

Pallet change time


Wide jig area

The jig can be mounted on the table even if it extends over the table as long as it is within the turning diameter. The standard jig area is wide, with a 1,020mm turning diameter and 300mm jig height, making mounting the index table jig easier. The jig area can be enlarged optionally so that larger jigs can be mounted.

Examples of highly productive machining using QT table

Process integration - Two processes on one machine -

Processes divided between two machines can be performed on one machine, making use of the 2-face pallet changer. Process integration improves the line balance and enables optimal equipment investment.

When machining time is short - Reference machining time: 90s or shorter -

When machining time is short, the percentage of workpiece change time increases. Therefore, productivity lowers when machines are not equipped with a pallet changer. The R450X2 eliminates waste in workpiece change time to provide high productivity.

Machining time ratio
E.g.) Machining time: 60s, workpiece change time: 15s

22-tool magazine that accelerates process integration

22-tool magazine

Using both the 22-tool magazine and 2-face pallet changer accelerates process integration, contributing to improvement of production efficiency.

Tool storage capacity 22tools
Tool - Tool : 0.8S
Chip - Chip : 1.6S

* The 14-tool magazine that features high cost performance can also be selected. Tool change time has been reduced even more than before. (Tool - Tool: 0.7s, Chip-Chip: 1.4s)

Brother’s original high productivity technology

Simultaneous operation

The machine is equipped with a simultaneous operation function where the XY and additional axes are positioned and tools are changed simultaneously when the QT table turns. This does not waste any pallet change time, enabling non-stop machining in our quest for "Wasted time = Zero".

Highly-responsive servo motor

High-speed synchronized tapping at the fastest level in the world has been tuned further. Tapping can be completed in shorter time at high accuracy.

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