M200Xd1/M300Xd1 Features

  • M200Xd1/M300Xd1
  • M200Xd1/M300Xd1
  • M200Xd1/M300Xd1
  • M200Xd1/M300Xd1

Advanced mass production type multi-tasking machine expands parts suitable for process integration.

M200Xd1 / M200Xd1-5AX / M300Xd1 / M300Xd1-5AX Product introduction

Wins "iF DESIGN AWARD 2023"[New indow] 

*M200Xd1 only

M300Xd1 Seminar video

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1.Advantages of Multi-tasking Machine

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2.Features of M300Xd1(18min36s)

M200Xd1 Seminar video

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1.Advantages of Multi tasking Machine

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3.Enhanced Extensive Functions(4min36s)

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4.Pursuit of High Productivity(2min04s)

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5.Advanced New D00 Control(6min32s)

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6.Untiring Improvement of Reliability(2min09s)

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7.Machining Demonstration(2min22s)

Mass Production Type Multi-Tasking Machine

From complex machining to multi-face machining
Process integration by mass production type multi-tasking machine

A tilting rotary table with a turning spindle is mounted on the machine.
Processes are integrated on one machine, from complex machining by turning and milling to multi-face machining.

Complex machining

Turning and milling can be completed through one-time chucking on one machine.
There is no handling between turning and milling, leading to various advantages.

Advantages of complex machining

・Reduction of handling time between machines
・Reduction of operators
・Improvement of machining accuracy through one-time chucking

Multi-face machining

As the machine is equipped with a tilting rotary table capable of high-speed indexing, multi-face machining makes process integration possible, providing the same advantages as complex machining.

28-tool magazine

Using our newly developed 28-tool turret magazine further promotes process integration by complex machining or multi-face machining.

* The 22-tool magazine can be selected.

Machining Area

Increased Z-axis travel and jig area of M300Xd1
Expands target workpieces in conjunction with 28-tool magazine

The M300Xd1 is suitable for the machining of relatively large parts.
The M200Xd1 is a compact machine focusing on the machining of small parts.
Provides best machining according to the parts being produced.

Ample machining area

Secured ample jig area to provide flexibility for designing jigs in response to a variety of workpieces. For the M300Xd1, in particular, the jig turning diameter has been expanded to ø450 mm, the Z-axis travel has been increased to 380 mm, and the distance between table top and spindle nose end has been extended. These provide ample machining area in the Z direction, and improved tool accessibility.

*1. Value when A-axis is at 0 deg.
*2. There is some interference area. Please see Table Details.
*3. Max. loading capacity on table side

Increased max. tool length

Increased the mountable tool length to 250 mm to support wider variety of machining, including deep internal turning.

Max. tool length

M200Xd1 / M300Xd1

* Tools with a length of 200 mm or more may contact the jig when the magazine turns, depending on the jig height.

Improved tool accessibility when A-axis tilts

Tool accessibility has been improved by securing sufficient Y-axis travel even when the A-axis is at 90 degrees, and increasing the Z-axis travel and maximum tool length.

*4. 305 mm for the M200Xd1


Untiring pursuit of high productivity and
manpower reduction through automation

Because of machine/controller integrated development, the SPEEDIO achieves outstanding high productivity by faster and optimized simultaneous operation and tool change operation.
Further, the integrated loading system makes automatic production possible with less space which reduces manpower at production sites.

Non-stop ATC

High-speed tool change has been achieved by faster and optimized spindle start/stop and magazine operation.

28-tool magazine (M200Xd1)

Chip to Chip 1.4s
Tool to Tool 0.8s

Simultaneous operation

Wasted time has been reduced by simultaneously performing tool change and positioning X/Y and A/C axes.

High acceleration/deceleration spindle

Using a low inertia spindle and high acceleration/deceleration spindle motor has achieved faster spindle start/stop. In addition, the turning spindle with DD motor achieves high acceleration/deceleration speed.

Spindle start/stop time

Machining spindle 0.2s or less
Turning spindle 0.3s or less

Machining Capability

Demonstrates high machining capabilities from milling to turning processes
Equipped with simultaneous 5-axis machining function

A high-power motor is used for the milling spindle and the turning spindle. The tilting rotary table provides high clamp force.
These features ensure that the machine demonstrates high machining capabilities in complex machining or multi-face machining.
Tool center point control has been added to support simultaneous five-axis machining.

Milling process

As the spindle can provide high torque in the medium- and high-speed range, the machine fully demonstrates its capabilities in high-speed and highly efficient machining of aluminum or steel.

10,000 min-1 (standard)

Max. torque 40N・m
Max. output 18.9kW

Turning process

Highly efficient machining is achieved by the high-power turning spindle with a maximum speed of 2,000 min-1 (M200Xd1) and the turning tool secured by the double plunger lock.

Turning spindle

M200Xd1:Max. torque 55N・m、Max. output 8.7kW
M300Xd1:Max. torque 102N・m、Max. output 9.9kW

C-axis clamp

The C-axis with high clamp force enables more stringent cutting conditions to be set for machining that results in load being applied in the rotation direction, improving production efficiency.

C-axis clamp torque


A-axis clamp (optional)

The mechanical clamp plus servo clamp method enables the machine to demonstrate high machining capabilities in high-load machining and stable lathe turning, improving machining accuracy. A double type clamp mechanism, where clamps are provided on the left and right sides, is available to further enhance high machining capabilities.

A-axis clamp (double)*1

A-axis clamp torque *2

M200Xd1 Single 695N・m 、Double 975N・m
M300Xd1 Single 800N・m 、Double 1080N・m

*1. Only driving side for single type
*2. Value of mechanical clamp (at pneumatic 0.5 MPa) plus servo clamp


Equipped with new “CNC-D00” controller for improved usability
Enhanced accessibility to make setup easier

Intuitive operation is possible with new apps and 15-inch vertical LCD touch panel display.
Waste-free operation is possible in setup, machining adjustment, production, and recovery process,
leading to improved work efficiency and operating rate.
Accessibility to the machine has been enhanced to enable smooth setup including workpiece change.

New user interface

Usability has been greatly improved by grouping relevant functions, creating new support apps that are intuitive with improved operability and visibility, providing useful accessories (calculator, notebook, file viewer etc.), and making operation on conventional screens possible on the touch panel.

Accessibility and workability

The jig or workpiece can be tilted toward the operator, which enables operators to perform setup, including workpiece change, without any strain.

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