Wire EDM


Space and energy saving wire EDM with wide array of high-quality functions required for various machining from parts to dies

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Product points

Cost reduction by saving space and energy
The most compact body in its class, a structure that does not rely on an air supply, an anti-electrolysis power supply, and an inverter pump are used to save space and energy.

Reduction in lead time
  • A maximum machining speed of 300 mm2/min and high-speed automatic threading reduce machining tact time, leading to reduction in lead time.
Accuracy improvement
  • A 0.1 μm pitch optical linear scale (X/Y axes) and 2.5 μmRy surface roughness achieve the highest machining accuracy in its class.
User-friendly operation
  • The NC has a wide range of built-in machining conditions and is equipped with a clear 12.1 inch color display.
Applicable for various machining
  • Capable of machining medium and large parts, and complicated shape parts due to a table stroke of 410 mm x 260 mm, maximum workpiece weight of 350 kg, and index table for multi-face machining (optional).


item HS-70A
Table stroke 410mm×260mm
Workpiece weight 350kg
Maximum machining speed 300mm2/min
Optimum surface roughness 2.5μmRy
Memory capacity 10MB (25,400m)

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