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Highly productive column traverse machine with high-end functions and a two-face table for high-speed and high-quality machining, in spite of its compact body

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Product points

New single door
  • A compact splash cover and a new single door are used to secure a large opening, enabling easy workpiece loading/unloading and automation.
Chip shower
  • Chip shower Chip shower pipes are located at the upper section inside the machine fot more effective chip removal.
  • A magazine with a capacity of 26 tools (one spindle) is used to respond to long machining composed of many jobs that use many tools and multiple products machining.
QT table
  • Brother's original 180-degree quick-turn table is standard equipped to enable non-stop operation with zero time-loss during workpiece loading and unloading. A line of multiple machines can easily be formed for automation or to save labor. A use of single machine is, of course, also possible.


item TC-31B
Max. spindle speed 12,000min‒1
Travels X:350mm Y:250mm Z:350mm
Tool storage capacity 26pcs.(+1)
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 50m/min×50m/min×50m/min
Required floor space 1,404mm×3,204mm

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