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  • M140X1

The best for process concentration of mass-production part processing. The compact multi-tasking machines to which the lathe-turning function was added.

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Product points

Innovative Machine That Incorporates Turning
  • Newly developed ATC magazine
  • Double plunger lock
  • High-performance built-in DD motor
  • Roller cam index unit
Effects of Mass Production Type Multi-Tasking Machine
  • Process integration in one machine
  • Improvement of productivity
Productivity and Machining Capabilities
  • Fast acceleration/deceleration spindle
  • High-speed tool change (nonstop ATC)
  • Milling capabilities
  • Turning capabilities
Pursuit of Usability
  • Pursuit of visibility and accessibility
  • Advanced usability


item M140X1
Max. spindle speed 10,000min-1
16,000min-1 (Optional)
Max. turning spindle speed 2,000min-1
Travels X:200mm Y:440mm Z:305mm
A:5~-95deg. C:360deg.
Tool storage capacity 22pcs.
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 50m/min ×50m/min ×50m/min
Indexing feedrate(AC-area) A:60min-1  C:200min-1
Required floor space
Coolant Through Spindle(CTS) Optional

Product movie

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M140X1 Machining example (Aluminium)

Machining example

For machining industries in Automotive parts, Motor cycle parts, Information Technology parts.

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