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Loading System BV7-870

Features of Loading System BV7-870

  • Specialized for loading/unloading workpieces
  • Compactly installed on the side of machine
  • Controller incorporated in machine's control box
Features of Loading System BV7-870

Integrated with the SPEEDIO main unit

The loading system is integrated with the machine, requiring less installation space.

Integrated with the SPEEDIO main unit
  • *: S500X2

Easy handling with minimum required functions

Easy handling 4-axis vertical articulated type, specialized for loading and unloading workpieces.

Easy handling with minimum required functions

Controller incorporated in SPEEDIO's control box

Incorporation of the controller saves space and reduces wiring connection workload.

  • Wiring connection with NC not necessary
  • Signals between NC and BV7 internally connected
  • Standard side door

The side door is automatically opened or by the travel axis of the loading system.

Controller incorporated in SPEEDIO's control box


Specifications of loading system main unit

Model BV7-870
Type Vertical articulated
No. of axes 4
Loading position Right side / Left side
Arm length Total 870mm (34inch)
J1 475mm (18.7inch)
J2 395mm (15.5inch)
Operation range J1 ±90°
J2 ±160°
J3 ±180°
TR (side door) 600mm(480mm) [23.6 (18.8) inch]
Rated transferable weight 7kg
Maximum speed J1 75°/ sec
J2 170°/ sec
J3 300°/ sec
TR (side door) 730mm/sec (*Opened/closed by BV7)
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.08mm
Supported models S300X2・S500X2
  • *: The measurement method conforms to ISO9283 (1998) and Brother's standard.
    Please contact your local distributor for details.

Specifications of control unit

Control axes 4 axes (3 rotation axes + 1 travel axis)
Control method PTP / Linear interpolation
Program language Brother BASIC
No. of program that can be registered 8
User interface Teaching pendant / PC software
Input/output Special input Hand open/close sensor, start/stop, reset
Special output Hand open/close, start/stop/alarm LEDs
General-purpose input/output 16 points / 16 points (Optionally 32 points / 32 points)
Linkage with SPEEDIO Input Program end, M function signal output, etc.
Output External zero point return, M function completion, etc.
Built-in PLC Global OM exclusively for loading system
Power supply Supplied from machine

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