S700X1 / S500X1 / S300X1 Features

S700X1 / S500X1 / S300X1
  • S700X1 / S500X1 / S300X1
  • S700X1 / S500X1 / S300X1
  • S700X1 / S500X1 / S300X1
  • S700X1 / S500X1 / S300X1

The SPEEDIO maximizes productive efficiency improvement of mass-production parts such as automobile, motorcycle and information technology.

S500X1 S700X1 Product Information

High Productivity

The machine has achieved overwhelming high productivity as a result of achieving high acceleration and quick response. In particular, Z-axis acceleration has been greatly improved, which is highly effective for improvement of productivity.

Achievement of high acceleration

As the Z-axis moves most frequently, Z-axis acceleration has been improved to twice the former model.

Z-axis acceleration
  • Former model

The X/Y-axes optimal acceleration setting function sets the most appropriate acceleration according to the table loading capacity.

* Acceleration for the S500X1. The loading capacity needs to be set via parameter.

Optimal acceleration according to loading capacity (X/Y-axes)
  • Max. load
    1.4G / 1.1G
  • 150kg. load
    2.0G / 1.3G

Highly-responsive servo motor

Delay in response has been reduced to almost zero by increasing the responsiveness of the servo motor. For example, high-speed synchronized tapping at the fastest level in the world is completed within much shorter time.

Brother's original NC unit thoroughly eliminates waste motion and waste time, and drives machine performance to the fullest to demonstrate high productivity.

Nonstop ATC

Tool change time is minimized by optimizing the magazine operation and improving the Z-axis acceleration, in addition to the shorter start and stop time of the spindle.

  • Former model
    Chip - Chip 1.6S

  • Former model
    Tool - Tool 0.9S

Simultaneous operation control

Further reduction of waste time achieved by positioning X/Y and additional axes simultaneously with tool change.

Machining Capabilities

Technologies accumulated over years to enhance machine rigidity, and use of a high-power spindle motor allow the machine to demonstrate its broad machining capabilities from high-speed, high-ef¬ciency machining to heavy-duty machining.

Highly rigid structure

Based on accumulated analysis technology data, the machine uses a structure that effectively further improves its rigidity.

High-power spindle motor

Spindle motor torque

Standard specs

Max. torque (momentary): 40Nm
Max. output: 18.9kW

High-torque specs (Optional)

Max. torque (momentary): 92Nm
Max. output: 26.2kW

High-accuracy machining has been achieved by improving machine rigidity, renewing the control system using a new NC unit, and adding new functions. Stable accuracy for circular machining and three-dimensional machining has also been achieved.

Pursuit of high accuracy

Resolution of the encoder has greatly improved and various offset functions have been added. These improvements achieve high accuracy for circular machining and pitch machining. The machine structure used is not easily affected by heat expansion due to coolant.

High-speed three-dimensional machining

High-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining has been achieved by high-speed spindle specifications and Brother's original three-dimensional machining control, such as the 200-block look-ahead function and smooth path offset function.

High-speed spindle specs (Optional)

Max. spindle speed: 27,000min-1

Look-ahead function

High accuracy mode BⅠ (Standard): 30 blocks
High accuracy mode BⅡ(Optional ): 200 blocks


The machine is equipped with the CNC-C00 series next generation NC unit with greatly improved processing capabilities and functions, and enhanced usability.


Equipped with 'shortcut' keys to quickly open the desired screen and 'sub folder' to make program management easier, in addition to the USB memory interface, menu programming and tap return function.

Network function

High capacity program data can be transferred via Ethernet at high speed. The simple production monitoring function is also available allowing you to monitor the machine's status.

Machining support functions

Equipped with machining support functions, such as torque waveform display,high accuracy mode, and heat expansion compensation system.

Maintenance functions

Equipped with motor insulation resistance measurement, operationlog, and maintenance notice function.

System capacity

Standard equipped with PLC. Input and output points can be extended to up to 1024 points each (Optional).

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