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Equipped with SPEEDIO's Largest Tool Magazine!
Large Jig Mountable Pallet Changer Machine

Enlargement of Machining Area

QT table

The QT (Quick Turn) table is Brother's original turn table type high-speed 2-face pallet changer. High-speed pallet change is enabled by avoiding lift-up operation while achieving high reliability through a sealed structure. Workpieces on one pallet can be changed while machining workpieces on the other pallet. Therefore, waste in workpiece change time is eliminated, enabling nonstop machining.

Pallet change time


Machining area

Making use of Brother’s original pallet changer technologies, the machine provides sufficient travels and a large jig area, which are not available on conventional #30 machines standard equipped with a pallet changer.

X-axis travel distance : 650mm
Y-axis travel distance : 400mm

The turning diameter and the table size have been increased, enabling the mounting of large jigs. In particular, this makes mounting a trunnion jig using a rotary table easier.

Turning diameter : 1,250mm (max. 1,300 mm)
Jig height : 350mm (low table: 420 mm)
Leading capacity(one face) : 200kg (max. 300 kg)
Work area size(one face) : 800x400mm


To enable the mounting of much larger jigs, two options are available: a low-floor table option that increases the jig height and a turning diameter enlargement option that increases the turning diameter to 1,300 mm. The loading capacity can also be increased to 300 kg (one face).

*: The parameter must be changed.

40-tool storage capacity

R650X2 can select tool storage capacity 14 pcs, 22 pcs and 40 pcs. This model is suitable to improve the productivity by process integration with a pallet changer.

A shutter is equipped at tool pot in order to separate the machining area and tool magazine room. This structure prevent chip from coming into magazine room.

Quest for High Performance


Enhanced speed and acceleration, and optimal control with any waste operation and time eliminated, drive machine performance to the fullest, demonstrating high productivity.

Spindle start/stop time


High-speed tool change is achieved by increasing the speed of, and optimizing the control for, spindle start/stop, Z-axis up/down, and magazine operation.

Tool change time
40-tool / 22-tool / 14-tool

Tool - Tool : 0.9s / 0.8s / 0.7s
Chip - Chip : 2.6s / 1.6s / 1.4s

Machining capabilities

The highly rigid structure and a high-power spindle motor provide high-range machining capabilities from heavy-duty machining to high-speed high-efficiency machining.

High Reliability and Environmental Performance


High reliability is achieved by improving chip discharge performance and enhancing maintenance functions, contributing to the improvement of the machine's operating rate.

Environmental performance

Various energy saving functions, such as Power regeneration system, Energy saving pump, LED type work light and Highly efficient spindle motor reduce power consumption, achieving high environmental performance.

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