R450X2 Example

  • R450X2
  • R450X2
  • R450X2
  • R450X2

A pallet changer is standardly equipped for
This model of SPEEDIO series that achieve overwhelming productivity.
Quest for "Wasted Time = Zero"


For machining industries in Automotive parts

Alternator (engine)
Workpiece name Alternator (engine)
Material ADC
Machining contents Boring, drilling, tapping
Throttle body (fuel system)
Workpiece name Throttle body (fuel system)
Material ADC
achining contents Boring, drilling, tapping
Cam plate (car air conditioner)
Workpiece name Cam plate (car air conditioner)
Material SCM
Machining contents Milling
Pump housing
Workpiece name Pump housing
Material ADC
Machining contents Turning, drilling, tapping

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