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"Machining larger workpieces using #30 machine" The release of the W1000Xd1 machining center sees an override in the conventional machining areas of #30 machines.
Equipped with new NC controller

NC Controller

Equipped with new "CNC-D00 controller"
Enhanced usability with 15-inch LCD touch panel

Intuitive operation is possible with new support apps and vertical touch panel screen.
Relevant functions are grouped according to purpose, such as setup and machining, leading to efficient operation.
Production and operation states are visualized, allowing faster understanding.
The new NC controller further improves work efficiency in pursuit of higher productivity.

Home screen

Created a new home screen that serves as the start point of all operations.
Useful information like workpiece counter and tool life are displayed during mass production. New support app screens or conventional screens are opened from here.

Support apps

Created new support apps with improved operability and visibility, such as an ATC tool app that enables all tool settings on one screen and a production result app that visualizes production results and operation state.

Machining Area

Achieved unprecedented large machining area to accommodate
a variety of machining from small to large workpieces

The wide machining area can accommodate constantly varying onsite needs, such as large workpiece machining, long-hour multi-part machining of small parts, multi-product small-volume production with various jigs placed side by side, which enhances the plantwide flexibility.

Ample travels and table size

Ample X/Y-axes travels and sufficient loading capacity allow machining large workpieces and mounting a large jig, not available on conventional #30 machines.

Travels: X1,000 Y500
Work area size: X1,100 Y500
Max. loading capacity: 400 kg

A trunnion jig with a turning diameter of 540 mm can be mounted.
(High column 250 mm)

Flexibly applicable to various types of machining

Making use of the width and depth of the broad jig area, jigs and workpieces can now be placed freely, enabling more flexible and efficient machining in various processes.


Demonstrates high productivity utilizing lightweight and low inertia features of #30 machines and original NC controller

High speed, high acceleration, and high responsiveness have been the aim of machine/controller integrated development, and any wasted motion and time has been thoroughly eliminated to drive machine performance to the fullest and achieve high productivity.

Productivity improvement

Productivity has been further improved by optimally controlling operation with the new CNC-D00 controller and using a low inertial motor.

Improved by
3% or more (compared to previous model)

Non-stop ATC

Tool change time has been reduced by increasing the speed of spindle start/stop, Z-axis up/down, and magazine operation.

  • Previous model
    Chip - Chip: 1.4 S
  • W1000Xd1
    1.2 S

  • Previous model
    Tool - Tool: 0.8S
  • W1000Xd1
    0.6 S

Simultaneous operation control

Reduction in non-cutting time has been achieved by simultaneously performing tool change and positioning X/Y and additional axes.

Machining Capability

Provides broad cutting performance from high-speed and highly efficient machining to heavy-duty machining

High rigidity based on a special design and use of a high-torque spindle motor achieve stable machining while demonstrating high machining capability.

Max. tool weight 4 kg

Increased the weight of tools that can be mounted.
Combined with wide travels (X 1,000 mm, Y 500 mm), the machine is suitable for a wider variety of applications than ever.

*Changing parameter settings is required. (Tool indexing time is changed.)

Compatible with 7 MPa high-pressure CTS (optional)

The machine is compatible with 7 MPa high-pressure CTS in addition to 1.5 MPa CTS. Demonstrates its abilities in high-speed drilling or peck drilling.

* CTS: Coolant Through Spindle

High-power spindle motor

A spindle motor with high torque in the medium- and high-speed range is used to achieve high-speed and highly efficient machining. The machine with high-torque spec. (optional) greatly improves the torque in the low-speed range, and demonstrates its abilities in heavy-duty steel machining.

High-torque spec. (optional)

Max. torque: 92Nm
Max. output: 26.2kW

Standard spec.

Max. torque: 40Nm
Max. output: 18.9kW

Highly rigid structure

Backbone parts, such as the base, column, and table, have been specially designed through CAE analysis to secure high rigidity.

Machining examples

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