TC-32BN QT/FT Features

  • TC-32BN QT/FT
  • TC-32BN QT/FT
  • TC-32BN QT/FT
  • TC-32BN QT/FT

High-performance column traverse machine with
leading edge #30 machining capabilities and 40-tool
storage capacity to achieve high productivity

New Quick Table Handles Large Workpieces.

New quick table for large workpieces and reliable multiple parts machining. Table rigidity has also been increased significantly.

*: The figure shows the TC-32B with a quick table.

Two-face turn table machine (QT) or large fixed table machine (FT)

Machine with a two-face table or fixed table can be selected to respond to a variety of production systems, including multiple parts machining or automated lines.

NC that maximizes Tapping Center capabilities

Equipped with a 12.1-inch color display, four simultaneously controlled axes enables double tilt indexing and high accuracy mode A ensures accurate finishing of minute lines.

Outstanding speed 2.1 seconds

Tool change time of 2.1 seconds after the spindle reaches the maximum speed (16,000min-1) has been achieved through improvement of rapid feed rate, spindle acceleration/deceleration, spindle orientation, and ATC operation.

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