S700X2 / S500X2 / S300X2 Features

S700X2 / S500X2 / S300X2
  • S700X2 / S500X2 / S300X2
  • S700X2 / S500X2 / S300X2
  • S700X2 / S500X2 / S300X2
  • S700X2 / S500X2 / S300X2

The SPEEDIO maximizes productive efficiency improvement of mass-production parts such as automobile, motorcycle and information technology.

High Productivity

Achievement of high acceleration and high responsiveness through machine/controller integrated development and complete elimination of wasted operation and wasted time enable the machine to fully demonstrate its abilities, resulting in high productivity.

Pursuit of high productivity

Shorter cycle time has been achieved by the fastest Z-axis acceleration in its class and the low-inertia spindle servomotor.
(Except 27,000 min-1 specification models)

Z-axis acceleration


Improved productivity: 3% or more
(compared to previous model)

* Varies depending on machining programs or machining conditions.

Highly-responsive servomotor

High-speed synchronized tapping at the fastest level in the world has been tuned further. Tapping can be completed in shorter time at high accuracy.

Non-stop ATC

Tool change time has been minimized by the increased Z-axis speed, in addition to the short spindle start/stop time.

  • Previous model
    Tool - Tool : 0.8S
  • S500X2

  • Previous model
    Chip - Chip : 1.4S
  • S500X2

Simultaneous operation control

Reduction in non-cutting time has been achieved by simultaneously performing tool change and positioning X/Y and additional axes.

High Machining Capabilities

Improved machine rigidity, diverse spindle motors, and high performance and a highly functional NC controller ensure a broad range of machining, from high-speed machining to heavy-duty machining.

Highly rigid structure

To improve rigidity, an effective machine structure has been established based on accumulated engineering analysis data.

High-power spindle motor

Spindle motor torque values

Standard specifications

Max. torque (momentary): 40Nm
Max. output: 18.9kW

High-torque specs (Optional)

Max. torque (momentary): 92Nm
Max. output: 26.2kW

High-speed three-dimensional machining

In addition to the high-speed spindle specications, high-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining has been achieved by Brother’s original three-dimensional machining control equipped with a 200-block look-ahead function and smooth path offset function.

High-speed spindle specs. (Optional)

Max. speed. : 27,000min-1


High accuracy mode BⅠ (Standard): 40 blocks
High accuracy mode BⅡ(Optional ): 200 blocks

Operability and Reliability

Functions of Brother's original usability-focused controller "CNC-C00 Series" have been further enhanced to make it more user-friendly.


Equipped with tool monitoring functions

  • ATC monitoring
  • Waveform output to memory card
  • Simple setting of high accuracy mode
  • PLC function


Reliability has been improved by implementing various improvements to prevent accumulation of chips and entry of coolant mist that can cause machine stoppage.

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