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Provides high productivity, from complex machining by turning and milling to multi-face machining.
When equipped with our newly developed 28-tool magazine, the machine further encourages process integration.

M200Xd1 / M200Xd1-5AX Product introduction

M200Xd1 Seminar video

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1.Advantages of Multi tasking Machine

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3.Enhanced Extensive Functions(4min36s)

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4.Pursuit of High Productivity(2min04s)

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5.Advanced New D00 Control(6min32s)

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6.Untiring Improvement of Reliability(2min09s)

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7.Machining Demonstration(2min22s)


Electric water pump housing
Workpiece name Electric water pump housing
Material Aluminum alloy
Scroll compressor parts
Workpiece name Scroll compressor parts
Material Aluminum alloy


Gas control valve
Workpiece name Gas control valve
Material Stainless steel
Gas cylinder valve
Workpiece name Gas cylinder valve
Material Brass


Artificial knee joint
Workpiece name Artificial knee joint
Material Ti-6Al-4V
Hip cup
Workpiece name Hip cup
Material Ti-6Al-4V
Bone plate
Workpiece name Bone plate
Material Ti-6Al-4V

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