M300X3 / M200X3 Example

M300X3 / M200X3
  • M300X3 / M200X3
  • M300X3 / M200X3
  • M300X3 / M200X3
  • M300X3 / M200X3

The compact multi-tasking machines, equipped with turning and tilt axes, enable turning and machining processes through one-time chucking.
Two new models have been added that can handle larger workpieces and with an option to install a manpower reduction unit.

Target machining parts

EV motor frame
Workpiece name EV motor frame
Hub bearing
Workpiece name Hub bearing
Air conditioner scroll
Workpiece name Air conditioner scroll
Constant-velocity joint
Workpiece name Constant-velocity joint
Artificial bone parts
Workpiece name Artificial bone parts
Valve cylinder
Workpiece name Valve cylinder
Piping parts
Workpiece name Piping parts
Cross roller
Workpiece name Cross roller

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