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High machining capabilities and stable machining have been achieved.

F600X1 Seminar video

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High Rigidity and Stability

Highly rigid machine structure

The machine structure has been reviewed from the basics, utilizing structural analysis techniques. Using optimal element components has enabled the machine to feature the highest rigidity in the SPEEDIO Series.

  • Machine structure
    The highest rigidity ever has been achieved by moving the table only by the Y-axis and using column movement for the X- and Z-axes, and reducing the spindle head overhang.
  • Highly rigid spindle
    Spindle bearings larger than those of other models are used to improve spindle rigidity.
  • Highly rigid guide
    Larger guides are used to improve the guide rigidity of each axis.

Wide stable range

Minimizing vibration makes it possible to set a wide range of machining conditions, enabling machining under higher conditions. This leads to a reduction in achining time.

High Productivity

SPEEDIO's highest level machining capabilities

Cutting amount has significantly increased.
• Machining example : End mill ø16, Workpiece : Carbon steel

High-power spindle motor

The highest class high-torque motor among spindle motors used for #30 spindle machines is standard equipped.

Spindle motor characteristics

Max. torque (momentary) : 92Nm
Max. output : 26.2kW

Non-stop ATC

Fastest tool change has been achieved by optimizing and increasing the speed of the spindle start/stop, Z-axis up/down, and magazine operation.

22- tool magazine

Tool-Tool : 0.8s
Chip-Chip : 1.7s

14- tool magazine

Tool-Tool : 0.7s
Chip-Chip : 1.6s

Machining Area and System Capacity

Table size and loading capacity

Size and loading capacity equivalent to high-end models.

Travels : X 600mm Y 400mm
Work area size : X:800mm Y:400mm
Max. loading capacity : 500kg

*The parameter must be changed.

Improved table rigidity

As the structure below the table has been simplified due to the axes configuration, the table thickness was increased to improve rigidity. A maximum loading capacity of 500 kg has been achieved, and table deformation minimized.

High Reliability

High reliability

Chip discharge performance has been improved along with the expansion of the machining area. In addition, the machine is equipped with a variety of functions, such as air-assisted tool washing, to improve reliability.

Roof-shape telescopic cover

Roof-shape telescopic covers are used for the X- and Y-axes to discharge chips rapidly.

Coil conveyor (optional)

Long and difficult-to-flow chips can be discharged smoothly, and steel chips can also be discharged reliably, avoiding accumulation.

Operability and Environmental Performance

NC unit

Equipped with tool monitoring functions

  • ATC monitoring
  • High-accuracy mode BII (read-ahead 200 blocks)
  • Motor insulation resistance measurement function
  • Waveform output to memory card
  • PLC function

High environmental performance

In addition to low power and air consumption, the machine is equipped with a power regeneration system and a variety of energy saving functions, achieving high environmental performance.

Customer Successes

Introduction of Customer Success Stories.

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