La máquina demuestra alta productividad y también proporciona la zona de mecanización más amplia entre las máquinas de “mesa rapida”, la cual permite montar grandes plantillas, algo que no era posible en máquinas convencionales.

Product points

high speed 2-face pallet changer QT table

The QT (Quick Turn) table is Brother's original turn table - type high-speed 2-face pallet changer. High-speed pallet change is enabled by avoiding lift-up operation while achieving high reliability through a sealed structure.

Enlargement of Machining Area

Making use of our original pallet changer technologies that have been installed on over 15,000 units, the machine provides sufficient travels and a large jig area.

High Productivity

Enhanced speed and acceleration, and optimal control with any waste operation and time eliminated, drive machine performance to the fullest, demonstrating high productivity.

Machining capabilities

The highly rigid structure and a high-power spindle motor provide high-range machining capabilities from heavy-duty machining to high-speed high-efficiency machining.


item R650X1
Max. spindle speed 10,000min-1
10,000min-1 high-torque(Optional)
Travels X:650mm Y:400mm Z:305mm
Tool storage capacity 14pcs./22pcs.
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 50m/min × 50m/min × 50m/min
Required floor space 1,837mm × 3,248mm
BT dual contact spindle (BIG-PLUS) Optional
Coolant Through Spindle (CTS) Optional
Low-floor table Optional

Video del producto

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R650X1 Machining example (Aluminium)

Machining example

For machining industries in Automotive parts, Motor cycle parts.

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