Máquina transversal de columnas de alto rendimiento con modernas capacidades de mecanización n.° 30 y capacidad de almacenamiento para 40 herramientas, para alcanzar elevada productividad.

Product points

Expansion of target workpieces

A 40-tool magazine that features the largest tool storage capacity among TC models is available. This enables even one machine to support machining requiring multiple tools, such as multi-face machining, leading to process integration. In addition, tool replacement is not required even for machining of a variety products and frequent setup changes can be avoided.

Enhanced productivity

Features a rapid traverse rate of 70 m/min, Z-axis acceleration of 1.5G, X-axis acceleration of 1.2G, ATC time of 2.0 seconds (C - C) to fully realize high productivity.

Improved reliability

With the machining area and machine room completely separated, and using a center trough structure and chip conveyor to easily handle large amounts of chips, prevents any problems caused by chips.

Improved operability

Enhanced usability by providing the machine with a 12.1 inch color display, menu programming, USB interface, etc.


item TC-32BN QT/FT
Max. spindle speed 12,000min-1
Travels X:550mm Y:400mm Z:415mm
Tool storage capacity 26pcs.(+1) / 40pcs.(+1)
Rapid traverse rate (XYZ-area) 70m/min × 70m/min × 70m/min
Required floor space [QT]1,890mm × 3,669mm
[FT]1,890mm × 3,103mm
Coolant Through Spindle(CTS) Optional

Machining example

For machining industries in Automotive parts, Motor cycle parts.

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